Thursday 13 September 2018


In this post you can find As to Qs from AmyAmy has only been with the Lady Boys of Bangkok for 2 only years. This blonde bombshell wields a baseball bat in this year's production. She plays some of the crazy parts in our show but we know she's a cutie in reality!

She was born this way!

What’s your favourite part about the 2018 production?

Amy's favourite section this year is our tribute to the mother monster! Amy looks just as fabulous as the singer who reminds us to "just dance!"

'It wasn't LOVE, It wasn't LOVE... was a perfect illusion (perfect illusion) you were a perfect illusion!'

Amy told us if she could be any animal she would be...

A bunny rabbit. She said they're so cute, bouncy and fluffy! 

bunny rabbit GIF
Aren't their twitching noses just adorable? 

 Amy is the clown prince's (puddin') our very own Comic Con...

Formerly known as psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel

suicide squad GIF

Batter up...

...Amy is Harley Quin!

So what do you like to do in spare time between performances and rehearsals Amy?

Amy likes to get all snuggled up and watch films. Next time we'll have to ask her what her favourite film is!

american horror story popcorn GIF by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Pass us the popcorn Amy

Amy plays a third iconic blonde in our show.

Poor Barbie

What is your favourite Thai meal?

Amy knew her favourite without hesitation. Amy loves 'Pad Thai', which is a rice noodle dish that is commonly found in Thailand as authentic street food. Amy will have to judge this recipe. We've found one from Jamie Oliver's, that's a little bit different. Have a look. Have a go.

Prawn & tofu pad Thai
This looks delicious.

She also likes a KFC on occasion.

Image result for kfc
Colonel Sanders knows how to tempt us.

Where would you most like to go on holiday?

Amy loves the Thai coast. She would love to return and see the southern sea in Thailand. It looks beautiful!

Image result for phra nang

What are the most important parts to your make-up routine?

Amy loves to accentuate her eyes with make up.

audrey hepburn eye GIF

Who is your favourite pop star?

Despite all the Gaga, Amy's favourite pop star has shared a 'telephone' and a 'videophone' call with her!

beyonce oops GIF

This was released almost 10 years ago!

Thank you for letting us know more about you Amy!

Thursday 6 September 2018


In this week's blog you can find out about JenniferThis year will be Jennifer's 6th. She is obsessed with makeup and fashion (full stop.) If she's not cooking traditional Thai food, she's shopping! Jennifer is a femme fatale in this year's show.

*drop dead gorgeous *drops mic  

What’s your favourite part about the 2018 production?

Jennifer is all about the ABBA compilation in our 2018 production! 'The Winner Takes It All' is her favourite song. Maybe she has a competitive streak?

james bond win GIF by Feliks Tomasz Konczakowski
When the fun stops. Stop.

'Beside the victory...

...that's her destiny!'

We asked if you could be an animal what would you be and why?

Jennifer said she would be a Tiger because they're strong and fierce. Best we keep on good terms with Jennifer!

walking tiger GIF by BBC
Majestic. Regal. Jungle royalty. 

Jennifer is after the jewels in The Lady Boys of Bangkok's Comic Con...

Not just any cat burglar... 

jeremy sisto diamonds GIF by Ice on Audience

9 lives, but a life of crime...

...Jennifer is Catwoman!

Jennifer let us know what she would do if she wasn't performing in the show.

She would help out her family and their business or continue down the path of fashion design. 

Image result for edna mode

Asking Jennifer what her favourite Thai meal was difficult.

She simply couldn't decide. Like many of our fabulous performers she likes to cook these aromatic dishes in her spare time. We should start a Lady Boys of Bangkok cook book with all their favourite recipes in! We've found you how to make an authentic Thai red chicken curry. Click below.
Thai red chicken curry
Salivating already. 

She secretly enjoys the occasional KFC!

Image result for kfc
Finger lickin' good.

Where would you most like to go on holiday?

Jennifer told us she'd really want to go to the United States of America. She could get herself an authentic KFC while on her road trip! 

Related image

What are the most important parts to your make-up routine?

Jennifer listed so many different tools. So take your pick and 
#beauty #japanesebrush GIF by Japan Marche
choose your weapon.

Who is your favourite pop star?

Jennifer's favourite pop star can't stop the feeling!

justin timberlake cant stop the feeling GIF
Justin Timberlake

Much appreciated Jennifer!

Thursday 30 August 2018


Back to the boys this week! Here's more on ThierryHe's been with the show for 7 years and openly admits that he was "born to be a dancing queen!" His likes to cook, travel and perform. He would still be dancing and perhaps singing too if he wasn't with the Lady Boys of Bangkok.

Here he is holding onto his lapels.

What’s your favourite part about the 2018 production?

Thierry is all for the Lady Gaga medley in the show this year!

Joanne Million Reasons GIF by Lady Gaga

Where would you most like to go on holiday?

This is the brilliant picture he paints. "I would to love to be surrounded by nature and beautiful scenery." Thierry's perfect getaway would be on a "mountain ridge in winter's cool, clean and fresh air"... he was alluding to Switzerland!

Related image

Every Barbie needs her Ken! 

"Come jump in, bimbo friend, let us do it again...

...hit the town, fool around, let's go party!"

Can you tell us a funny story about touring as a part of The Lady Boys of Bangkok?

The BUZZ from a Lady Boys of Bangkok performance just isn't enough for poor Thierry. During one rehearsal there was a bit of bother from a busy bee that stung him. We love a good tongue twister. 

Insect repellent for Thierry please

We asked Thierry what does he like to eat?

Thierry's favourite Thai dishes include chicken rice and crispy pork! He's also partial to a not-so-Thai spaghetti carbonara. Here's an article that covers how to concoct a carbonara best suited to you!

Nigella's carbonara
Nigella's controversial creamy carbonara 

lady and the tramp date GIF
The struggle of sharing spaghetti!

What do you like to do when you're not rehearsing or performing?

Thierry likes to cook up his favorites and listen to music. He also loves to travel and learn  about the cities he's performing in. The Lady Boys of Bangkok have just finished performances in Edinburgh for this year. 

Thierry touching Bobby's nose

Click below to find out about the adorable little tale of Bobby. This special Skye Terrier is an iconic Scottish landmark.

What are the essential components to your onstage look?

Thierry lives by his eyebrow pencil and press powder.

orange is the new black eyebrows on fleek GIF
*raises brow

Who is your favourite pop star?

We know why he liked that medley! Thierry's favourite is...

Lady Gaga Nfl GIF by Mashable
Lady Gaga

Great to hear from you Thierry!

Friday 24 August 2018


This week we're getting to know a little more on Bombay! For 3 years she has been a part of The Lady Boys of Bangkok. She likes to sing, cook traditional Thai dishes and knows exactly what makeup works for her!

Animated GIF
Smiling for the camera.  

What’s your favourite part about the 2018 production?

Bombay said she cant beat the ABBA section of this year's show!

Image result for abba gifs

We asked if you could be an animal what would you be and why?

Bombay told us she'd be a bird so she could fly to different places all over the world with all that freedom!

bird fly GIF

Bombay in The Lady Boys of Bangkok's Comic Con...

A quick change of costume in a telephone box...

england GIF


...Bombay is our Supergirl!

Can you tell us a funny story about touring as a part of The Lady Boys of Bangkok?

Bombay is the first to give us a fun anecdote. She said that the one theatre on tour, the roof was leaking. This meant that the Lady Boys had to dance around a puddle. 


We asked Bombay what is her favourite Thai meal?

She loves "SOM-TUM," which is a green papaya salad. The Hairy Bikers have a recipe (click below) but we know for a fact the Bombay could serve it way better!


Hairy Bikers: Asian recipes to tantalise your tastebuds

Bombay also enjoys a quintessential afternoon tea!

Image result for alice in wonderland tea gif
Milk and sugar?

Have you any hidden talents and hobbies?

Bombay can speak Chinese and as well as her passion for cooking, she likes to sing in her spare time too!

What are the most important parts to your make-up routine?

Get your lipstick and mascara at the ready. Bombay's features shes likes to enhance are her eyes and lips.

sexy lipstick GIF by Blake Kathryn
So satisfying to watch.

Who is your favourite pop star?

Bombay's favourite pop star gets you swinging your hips from side to side...

ariana grande snl GIF
Ariana Grande

Thank you for chatting with us Bombay!

Friday 17 August 2018


We're letting you know about Nichol! She has been performing with us for 2 years. She's fresh faced but has recently faced a phobia. If Nichol is not performing, she'll be experimenting with make up or clothes shopping. She loves her fashion!

Animated GIF
Say cheese! 

What’s your favourite part about the 2018 production?

Nichol loves the ABBA medley in this year's production; especially 'Super Trouper.'
Come watch our show

...'the beams are gonna blind YOU!'
Image result for super trouper gifs
(they won't or we'd have lawsuits)

Here's a highlight of Nichol from our very own Comic Con...

Mother of Dragons: Daenerys Targaryen. The rightful Queen of Westeros meets
The Lady Boys of Bangkok
Watching her dragons take flight!

What makes you sad?

Nichol can sometimes miss her family and the local news in Thailand. She doesn't lose her smile for long! There is plenty of laughing and joking among the cast and crew. Someone's going to have to let us in on one of these jokes soon!

Where in the world would you most like to visit?

Japan is on Nichol's wish list of places to experience. I think we can all agree that the Sakura cherry blossom is very pretty. All that pink! 

Image result for japan

What have you been up to lately?

If she's not shopping she'll be conquering like the Queen she is. Click on this link to read about Nichol facing her feathery phobia.

Nichol is a wonder woman in her own right.

If you were not touring with the show what other career would you choose?

"I would have my own spa and beauty business"

water spa GIF by FaraOana
We all need a pampering from time to time.

Who is your favourite pop star?

Nichol has a big love for a Thai pop star who is known for his country sound.


Got Jakrapun

Many thanks to Nichol for sharing!

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